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Trip Learnings

High Knoll 2006 Learnings

posted Jan 13, 2009, 8:34 PM by Lee Fields

HYDRATE!  We need to drink more water.  Every backpacker should carry at least 3 liters of water.  Hydration bladders are handy, but in my experience you don't get enough water from them.  You can drink on the move with one, but it is only sips.  At rest stops you need to get a few good gulps (about 8 oz.) from a bottle.

Consider bringing your own food.  The food that was provided was adequate, but a good part of it we carried around and then returned.  After the Backpacking Gourmet class last year, we can do much better.

The High Knoll list of what to bring was good and we should use it for the troop backpacking trips.

Hiking poles are a big help on rocky terrain and stream crossings.

Did I mention staying hydrated?

High Knoll crews should arrive earlier to get their pick of the itineraries.  We were the last of 9 crews to arrive.

Do not check in wearing Philmont shirts if you want an easy hike.

Carry some cash for trading post stops.  According to some scouts, you should have enough for 10-15 root beer floats, slushies, or ice creams.

Don't let the staff member carrying only a hip pack set the pace over the ridge.

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