10/26/2011 - T2860 Scoutmaster Transition

posted Nov 18, 2011, 10:36 AM by Paul Diming
Greetings Troop!  These are exciting times for our Troop.  Last night we reminded the Scouts that my term as Scoutmaster will end in December.  Mr. Greg Smith will be transitioning into the Scoutmaster role at that time.  The Scoutmaster serves at the direct appointment by our sponsor, WUMC.  WUMC Scouting Community Organization Representative (COR), Mr. Tom McKee, has approved the appointment of Mr. Smith as the next T2860 Scoutmaster.  There will be a brief ceremony at the December Court of Honor and Holiday party to celebrate the transition.

The transition of our Scoutmaster role is a wonderful example of positive change that all Troops must undergo to stay healthy.  I would encourage you to discuss the lesson of change with your Scout to recognize it as a constant within everyone’s life.  It should be acknowledged that change is often greeted with unpleasant feelings of apprehension.  Changes in our lives are inevitable.  They are best managed when greeted with prayer and faith.  To do our duty to God includes trusting him as we experience change.

The learning point for our Scouts provided by our Troop Scoutmaster transition demonstrates an excellent example of a change that is positive, well planned, and fully supported by our program.  Even presented in the most positive light, however, I’ve learned that young men often greet change with distrust.  I’d like to fully allay those feelings.  

Scoutmaster Smith is a wonderful leader who has eagerly embraced the importance of providing a nurturing and positive Scouting experience for our sons.  T2860 is blessed with many fantastic leaders who will be a part of Mr. Smith’s leadership team.  Our program has never been stronger.  Scoutmaster Smith has an exceptional springboard of program strength that will move us into the future as we continue the T2860 legacy.

I plan to remain an active participant as part of the Troop adult leadership team.   The role of Scoutmaster takes time and experience to fully establish a firm grasp upon and I will assure that Mr. Smith receives my full support in this regard.  It is extremely important that we all support Mr. Smith as he works to guide our program and advise our Scout leadership.  Our event operation tempo requires an extraordinary level of commitment as Scoutmaster.  It most assuredly requires a team effort.  

We share the commonality of wanting our son’s Scouting experience to be fully successful.  Many of us have linked our parenting efforts closely to the Scouting program.  Your direct involvement is required for the program to successfully support your efforts to raise a wonderful young man.  I know you’ve heard it before but your support has never been more important than when our Scouts are experiencing a change in Scoutmaster.  

How can you help?  Send a note to Mr. Smith offering your pledge of support.  gregsmith15@verizon.net  Let him know he has a team with a shared passion for our Scouting program.  Taking on the Scoutmaster role for a Troop of 100 boys requires extraordinary faith.  Let him know you’ll pray for him and his success as Scoutmaster.  Better yet, stand ready to take direct charge of an event or offer significant support for a specific task.  I can tell you from personal experience that my Scouting spirit was the highest when I would ask for help and there was an immediate reply.  It is when you offer to take direct action to get jobs done for our scouts that I found my faith refreshed and my enthusiasm as Scoutmaster rekindled.  

Let’s jump start Scoutmaster Smith’s term with a fantastic offering of support that will set our course for the future of T2860…”The Best There Is”!

Mark Wheeler