06/08/2010 - T2860 Inspiration

posted Jun 8, 2010, 9:48 PM by Paul Diming
Greetings Troop! Please allow me to share an uplifting example of inspiration. Perhaps you will find strength in it as I did.

Dr. Dabney has been asking me for opportunities to help the troop for almost two years. He’s a steadfast financial contributor but wanted involvement directly with helping our scouts. Dr. Dabney runs a very successful orthodontist practice with two offices in operation. He travels extensively in pursuit of professional excellence, attending seminars both as student and lecturer. He maintains a close association with the American Dental Association (ADA) and is without question a highly respected and influential professional. He is a very busy guy. Knowing this, I was hesitant to bring Dr. Dabney into our scouting family. Running a merit badge course takes time that I was sure Dr. Dabney couldn’t commit to.

I was wrong.

I offered Dr. Dabney two Thursday nights in our troop calendar. He immediately accepted and simply said, “I’ll clear my schedule”. I asked Mrs. Rymer to manage the class for him. There’s no way he was going to handle all the e-mails and small details. Mrs. Rymer did wonderfully.

I spoke to Dr. Dabney as his second class was beginning. T2860 Life Scout Jeremy Rymer was busy instructing for the moment allowing Dr. Dabney and me a chance to cover merit badge cards and other class wrap-up details. I thanked him once again for helping our scouts and making time in his busy schedule for us. His reply was heartfelt. He said, “I achieved Eagle Scout primarily because adults in our troop helped with merit badge classes”. He looked at me directly and continued, “I will not be one of those people who doesn’t help the scouts”.

At that moment I understood much more about Dr. Dabney and his passion for scouting. He reminded me of the story I’ve heard many times from adult Scouters who reached First Class, Star, or even Life Rank and didn’t achieve Eagle Scout. Often they admit to not understanding as a youth the life long significance of an opportunity missed. In other cases, it was a lack of supporting adult resources.

Parents entering scouting with their Tiger scout typically have very limited knowledge of the potential impact the program could ultimately have on him. Your understanding of the scouting world is broadened significantly as you transition from Webelos into Boy Scouting. You’ve successfully nurtured his interest or he wouldn’t have made it this far, finding his way to T2860. Most parents of Eagle Scouts will share that it takes more than a gentle nudge to inspire your son to meet the challenge of adopting the scouting principles exemplified by the rank of Eagle Scout.

To that end, many of you have taken steps to complete training and have committed to troop supporting positions. You’ve shown to your son by your example of involvement the significance of this opportunity. You’ve taken steps to assure needed resources are available. You’ve done far more than gently nurture his interest. I hope you find inspiration as we stand shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Dabney, and many others, who are demonstrating Eagle Scout principles through our commitment to bring the resources, the understanding, and the promise of scouting to our sons.

Thank you for helping your scouts, Dr. Dabney, and for inspiring your entire Troop 2860 family.

T2860 Scoutmaster,

Mark Wheeler