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What to bring to Summer Camp

Troop 2860
Summer Camp - What to Bring

Summer Camp is a different experience than most of our campouts, with meals, cots and tents provided by the camp. Since this is a new experience for many of our scouts, we thought it might be helpful to have a list of suggested things to (and not to!) bring.

Experience has shown us that backpacks are not the best system for packing for Summer Camp. Backpacks are hard to load in cars, and are not a good way to store gear and clothes while at camp. We recommend the boys bring a large plastic bin (or alternately a footlocker) to both pack in and store their gear. The plastic bins make transportation easier, and they provide the added benefit of keeping your gear dry. They also makes finding clothes, etc., easier. 

Books, etc. 
Every boy at base camp should have a notebook with paper they can remove, and at least one pen (several are better). A folder with a pad and a place to store the pen is best, and a great choice is one with separate sleeves that can hold class handouts and/or a Merit Badge booklet. Boys should bring their handbook, and Zip-Loc bags big enough to hold their handbook and MB books are a good way to keep them dry.

  • Sleeping Bag and pillow- (it gets a little chilly at night).
  • Flashlight and/or headlamp.
  • Two towels (one for showers, one for the lake) and a washcloth.
  • Toiletries- soap, shampoo, brush or comb- (FYI- scouts normally wear a bathing suit in the showers, so donÂ’t worry about being embarrassed).
  • Sunscreen- especially if you are taking waterfront Merit Badges.
  • Canteen or water bottle- A MUST.  When it gets hot you need to constantly drink water!
  • Rope and clothes pins (to dry swimming trunks, towels, etc).
  • Insect Repellant- Believe it or not, we have very little problems with at the camps, but using repellant is still a good idea, especially at dusk.

  • Uniform- you will come to love it. We wear our Class A uniform to the camp (shirt, shorts, belt and socks), to all meals, and to all campfires. It can almost walk itself home after a week of wear. Experienced scouts bring a clothes hanger and hang their shirts inside their tent to help them stay neat, and to “air them out”!
  • Hat (and sunglasses)- Some classes are in the shade but some are in open fields and there is a lot of walking to and from everywhere!
  • Bathing Suit- Every scout takes a swim test, and most will want to take part in open swimming or waterfront activities, even if not taking a waterfront MB. Most scouts also wear bathing suits in the shower.
  • Poncho or Rain Suit- OK- the truth is it is almost certain to rain while we are at camp. And yes, we just keep on going!! You need a good poncho (not a disposable one) or rain coat and pants. Waterproof shoes help as well!
  • Shirts- six (6) t-shirts with Scout Acceptable logos and/or wording are recommended
  • Socks- six (6) pairs on non-scout socks
  • Shorts- several pairs (at least 3)
  • Shoes- Two pairs (in case it rains). No open-toed shoes (i.e. beach sandals) are allowed in camp. Make sure they fit - we will do A LOT of walking at camp!
  • Warm clothes- 1 sweatshirt or light jacket and one pair of long pants (it can be cool at night, especially if it rains).
  • Pajamas or other sleeping clothes- your choice

Merit Badge Special Requirements 
Swimming Merit Badge requires an extra pair of shoes, long sleeve shirt and pants that can get wet and muddy. Some MBÂ’s (Wilderness Survival, etc.) require a backpack and tent or other special gear. Look at your handbook or at the camp website if you have questions, or ask one of the leaders.

Spending Money 
This is always a tough one. The new scouts tend to take several handicraft merit badges, and all require you to buy kits at the Trading Post- usually $8-$15 per class. Several other classes, including archery, have $5-$10 fees as well. Every scout wants a souvenir, and the trading posts actually have a good selection of scout gear, t-shirts, hats, etc. Finally, spending money is good for an occasional soda or ice cream. The bottom line is you may need to take more money than you are comfortable holding. The Adults at camp will be happy to “bank” your scouts until you need them- Just let us know! 

All meals are provided by the camp and the troop will provide a cracker barrel snack each night of the trip. There is really no reason to bring any food and especially no reason to bring a lot of candy or other junk food. Also a word to the wise- we are going to a mountainous, rugged area and there have been bears in the camp in previous years. They will find your food no matter where or how you hide it. NEVER KEEP ANY FOOD OF ANY KIND IN YOUR TENT. Having a bear in your tent is an experience you will never forget. 

What Not to Bring 
As always, no sheath knives, no flammable liquids, no laser pointers, and no electronics of any kind. The one exception is some boys like to bring gameboys or walkman radios for the ride to and from camp. They should be set to silent (or flight testing will be conducted). Electronics stay in the cars, or will likely be destroyed without mercy or remorse. Please also remember our motto- if you bring any kind of musical instrument, you should very, very good. It is a long week for leaders. Guitars make great kindling.