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Weekly Meeting Info

Meeting Presentations

2018 Search & Rescue Presentation can be found here.

Merit Badge Day

Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit badge presentation can be found here.

Camp Lashings can be found here.

Cooking Camp Presentation can be found here.

Lashing Video's can be found here.

Troop 2860 Court of Honor Presentation can be found here.

Crabtree Falls Presentation can be found here.

Class B T-Shirt options for 2017 can be found here.

Cyber-Chip presentation can be found here.

FOS 2017 can be found here.

Camp Cards information can be found here.

Golf Tournament 2017 information can be found here.

Life to Eagle presentation 11-29-2016 can be found here.

Leave no Trace 11-22-2016 can be found here.

Arrow of Light University 2016  here.

Annual Planning Conference 2016 can be found here.

Animation Merit badge presentation can be found here.

Knot's here.

2016 Clean the Bay at PSP can be found here.

Leave no Trace, Cosby Road Cleanup can be found here.

2016 Troop T-Shirt can be found here.

Scout vs Wild can be found here.

2016 Search & Rescue Presentation can be found here.

Timberline Rescue can be found here.

2016 Patrol Rationalization can be found here.

2016 BSA Rank Requirements can be found here.

January Cooking Camp Presentation 1-5-2016 can be found here.

Scout Binder reference can be found here.


Veterans Day 2015 here.

Presentation on Visions 1-20-2015 can be found here.

Presentation on Leave no Trace and CVWMA 1-27-2015 can be found  can be found here.

High Adventure Presentation 2-17-2015 can be found  can be found here.

Blue Ridge Mountain Council Summer Camp Video's can be found here.

Chesterfield County Substance Abuse Prevention Program for Boy Scout Troop 2860 can be found here.

Extravaganza 9 presentation can be found here.

Marble Yard presentation can be found here.

Salesmanship Merit badge presentation can be found here.

American Culture Merit badge presentation can be found here.

Presentation "On the way to school" can be found here.

Annual Planning Conference 2015 can be found here.

Paracord Bracelet can be found here.

Leave no Trace 9-8-2015 can be found here.

Servant Leadership Presentation 10-6-2015 here.

2015 Leadership Presentation 10-20-2015 here.

COH 10-31-2015 here.

Arrow of Light University 2015  here.