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Equipment Recommendation

Troop 2860 
Equipment Recommendations
(Please note- Troop 2860 does not recommend any specific store or product- the references here are provided as a guideline only.

A Tent
Durability not price should be the key. 2 person tents are the most useful.
Consider a lightweight tent (+/-5 pounds). Don’t forget your ground tarp.
Recommendations: REI Half Dome 2 or North Face Rock 22;

A Sleeping Bag
Rated for at least 20° Fahrenheit are the most useful. 
Mummy bags are preferable and draft tubes (should have a tube behind the zipper and probably one across the chest) 
Consider weight when comparing bags.
Recommendation (Synthetic 15-20 degree bag on sale by a major manufacturer)

A Sleeping Bag Pad/Cushion
For comfort and warmth.
Recommendation: Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite folding closed cell pad- $35;

Hiking Boots
Sturdy boots that are comfortable and fit well with ankle protection. 
Boots should be waterproof 
The right boots are so important.
Recommendation- Inexpensive but not cheap- scouts grow fast!

A Backpack
An adjustable internal or external frame backpack that can be lengthened for the user’s growth.
Recommendation: Kelty Yukon or Kelty Scout- around $75

Rain gear/Jacket
Look for durability in your rain gear/jacket. Consider gear that has a liner that can be removed. 
A hood is essential. (Gore-Tex is awesome!)
Recommendation- Scout Parka or Red Ledge Thunder light Parka or PacTech by Pacific Trail

A flashlight that can be worn on the head (strapped or clipped to a cap) is the best because it will free up your hands.
Recommendation: Petzl Tikka Headlamp- $25

Mess kit
Look for a kit with sturdy handles. Teflon is best. 
Kit shouid include a plate, bowl, pot, cup and utensils.
Recommendation: GSI Hard-Anodized No-Stick Mess Kit $30

Good Places to shop locally and on-line:
Blue Ridge Mountain Sports http://www.brms.com/  (Ask for Scout discount)
Dick’s Sporing Goods
Target and Walmart (Coleman gear)
REI- http://www.rei.com (one of the best on line resources for camping anywhere)
Backpacker Magazine- http://www.backpacker.com (good resource for reviews and an on-line store run by Alrec.com (another good resource)
Campmor- http://www.campmor.com (The on-line camping discount store)
(plus about 100 otherslll)

A final word:
lf you are confused or unsure, please ask one of the troop leaders. While we are not experts, several of us are professed "gear geeks" that may be able to help guide you. We are here to help!
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 1, 2009, 1:26 PM