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Backpacking Clothing - Dress In Layers


BASE LAYER: Moisture Management

  •  Silk
  •  Wool
  •  Synthetic (Polyester)
    •  Patagonia Capilene
    •  PowerDry
    •  CoolMax
    •  Under Armour (Heat Gear, Cold Gear)
    •  Check Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, for 100% polyester athletic wear.
  •  Just say NO to Cotton! But if you really are attached to your tighty whiteys bring at LEAST one spare pair and CHANGE them when they become damp!

MIDDLE LAYER: Insulation

  •  Wool
  •  Fleece
    •  Polartec
    •  Thermal Pro
    •  Thinsulate

SHELL LAYER: Weather Protection

  •  Waterproof / Breathable Shell
    •  Gore-Tex
    •  REI Elements
    •  Others
  •  Water-Resistant / Breathable Shell
    •  Treated Nylon
  •  Soft Shell
  •  Waterproof / Non Breathable
    •  Polyurethane coated Nylon
    •  GOOD OLE PONCHO (There’s always room for a light weight poncho in you pack.)


TWO DAY BACKPACKING TRIP CLOTHING LIST:  Check the weather and adjust as need, Pack Light, Be Prepared!


            (1) Pair of good Hiking Boots or Mid Weight Trail Shoes

            (2) or (3) pairs of Socks synthetic or wool

                        (don’t forget light weight liners to reduce friction and blisters)

                        (Glide type products also reduce friction Bad Aid makes a good one)

            (2) Pair of underwear (change them, a dry pair makes sleeping and hiking so much better)

            (1) Pair of Convertible Hiking Pants (Can’t beat your Boy Scout Convertibles!)

            (2) Base Layer Shirts (short or long sleeve depending on the weather)

            (1) Mid Layer Pull-Over or Light Sweater (fleece or wool) adjust weight for weather

            (1) Shell Layer, Wind / Rain Jacket (Insulated if it’s going to be cold)

            (1) Hat, Troop 860 Cap or wide brim Booney will help keep sun and rain off you.


Nice to Have Extras: 

  • Light weight rain pants (especially if hiking with Mr. Ken “Drip Dry” Holder) , 
  • Bandana to wipe the sweat from your brow, 
  • Light weight watch cap to keep your head warm at night, 
  • Gaiters to keep those pesky little rocks out of you boots.