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T2860 RECON Top Shot Wrap-Up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, October 8, 2012)

posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:34 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Troop!  Thank you to the RECON Scouts who turned out for Top Shot!  What a great day we ended up having!!

It didn’t start out so great.  Rain during setup was kind of a bummer, but soon after the stations were up and running, the rain eased up and stopped altogether by mid morning.  From then on it was cool and great scouting weather.  Stations for Top Shot this year were:

- Hawk and Knife
- Golf Ball Knock Out challenge
- 3 Gun Action Target (reactive targets and timed events) consisting of 3 stages
  - action pistol
  - paintball destruction
  - zombie apocalypse
  (firearms were not used in the 3 gun competition)
- Archery
- Three Position Rifle, Standing, Kneeling and Prone

We had a record 13 participants for Top Shot this year.  There was a high emphasis on marksmanship, skill, fair play, and use of the buddy system to work as a team while competing against each other and safety.  BSA safety rules were strictly followed.

The day began with a thorough safety brief that continued with each station manager carefully going over individual station safety rules, equipment operation, and scoring responsibilities.  Each station was managed by an adult and assured that the stations were operated in a fun and safe manner.  The Scouts rotated among the stations on an informal as-you-get-done schedule.  RECON operates considerably differently than typical scouting events.  The older scouts are very mature and responsible making the overall operation easy for the adults helping.

By lunch the weather warmed up and we had settled in and were having a lot of fun.  A tasty lunch and a break were welcome.  Hot cider and hot chocolate, with some extremely well received coffee from Mr. Tyson’s coffee pot; all hit the spot on a cool fall day.

It takes a team to pull off an event like this, but there is no doubt that our Team Captain is ASM Mr. McNeil.  Mr. McNeil has invested extensive time and energy to obtain the necessary training and credentials to be a NRA/BSA youth rifle range instructor.  He also willingly permits use of his personal equipment.  When combined with the Troop’s gear, our available equipment is extensive.  Even with the small number of Scouts and a day long event, the scouts were occupied fully to get through all the stations.  While waiting their turn for a station, scouts returned to their favorite and repeated as many times as time permitted.  And you know you just can’t throw those hawks and knives enough times!!

Yes, we have a new TOP SHOT!  He will be announced at the meeting on Tuesday.  And I’d like to say that being quick and accurate is an understatement when it comes to this year’s TOP SHOT!  Zombies beware!!  You do not want this young man on your blood trail!

The Scores were very tight with only a few points separating the entire field.  T2860 can be proud of our RECON program and participants on a number of levels including their outdoor skills.

The TOP SHOT RECON event furthers our T2860 RECON goal of making the final years of older youth scouting great-scouting years rather than fade-out years as so often happens with our older scouts.  From having formed this program and mentored it, I can not begin to express how much fun and joy it continues to be to work with the older scouts of our Troop.  They truly are the Best There Is!

Speaking of some of the best…we have some awesome adults to thank!

Mr. McNeil – WOW!  You set the bar for safety, professionalism, and fun.  We can not thank you enough times for all the hard work, your leadership, and patient mentorship for the Scouts.  Thank you so much Monty!

Mr. Tyson – Still moving and drying our gear this week.  Thank you Brandon for all your help and your friendship. 

Mr. Gould – Thank you David for helping and spending the day with us!  Still the hardest working guy I know!

Mr. Damon – Thank you so much Mitch for teaching archery and bringing your helper Steel to spend the day with us.

Mr. Martin…no not you Kris…I’m thanking ASM and Eagle Scout Mr. Jared Martin!  Jared, your help and involvement means the world to me personally and to the Scouts.  Thank you so much for your help and support of your Troop.

Mr. Downing – Thank you Daryl for your steadfast support of the Troop and the program.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Steel – Thank you for helping Mitch and for your level of maturity while being at a RECON event.  We can’t wait until you become RECON eligible! 

Alex – Truly the best RECON mascot ever!   Even if we’ve only had one.  You’re a good guy Alex.  Thank you for participating and dragging your dad along!

And of course a huge Thank you to the Coakley’s for without their support and sharing of their land we could not have an event like this.  Those with the least seem to always give the most.  I don’t think we can ever truly thank the Coakley family enough for how their generosity has affected the lives of our sons and the Troop.

Mark Wheeler