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T2860 RECON False Cape Mission Report (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

posted May 15, 2012, 7:13 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

RECON!  It worked!  Riding the bikes down the beach worked!  In fact it worked so well that Jeremy went bonkers and rode into North Carolina before stopping!!!!! 

We got a break from the weather, found our way down to the wildlife refuge, unloaded the bikes and set off on our beach riding experiment.  It was awesome!!!  It was one of those “you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face” rides.

About six miles of beach riding later, we entered the State Park mostly as planned and revisited the prior camp site.  We even found Mr. Snakie and got a picture of him.  I guess he didn’t hold a grudge because he didn’t seem perturbed to see me.  I did keep my distance though.  The bikes gave us fantastic mobility.  We saw just about everything we wanted to check out in the State Park and then headed back up the beach.  By this time in the afternoon it was starting to rain.  So what does T2860 RECON do when getting wet…get wetter!!!  A challenge was laid down to see who could ride the furthest out into the ocean.  I think Grayson won.  He was way out there.  We have pictures, some are on our Troop site.  Does a bike count as a PFD?

The tide was just past low on our way back up the beach giving us a large area to bike on.  By the time we returned to the vehicles we were thoroughly wet and sandy.  We brushed ourselves off, loaded up, and ventured off to find eats.

Mr. Tyson scored again with finding a wonderful homey little place serving really yummy food.  All you can eat crab legs takes a while to consume.  Who know Geordon was such a carnivore.  Shrimp shells were sent flying and crab legs were munched down!  Jeremy ate like a whole cow of ribs.  Everyone had maximum plenty.  Then we ordered dessert.  RECON RULES!!

Gluttony served, we were still about 3 hours travel time from home.  Once Mr. Tyson got a grip on the exit route, we zoomed through VA Beach, back up 460, etc…, etc…, and home we arrived about midnight.  Thank you very much parents for putting up with the late hour of our return.

Grayson and I returned bikes to owners on Sunday.  We washed our bikes off and I used the leaf blower to blast the water off them.  I then used like a can of WD40 on the chain and anything that moved basically to try and keep the bike running.  I finished with white lithium grease lubricant on all the critical parts as Mr. McNeil suggested.  I think the bikes will roll for another day despite the abuse we gave them.

This was another totally fun RECON filled with adventure, challenges, and some pretty awesome vittles.  Fun and adventure with your friends…Scouting just doesn’t get better that this!!

Thank you Grayson, Geordon, Alec, Alex, Jeremy(after I kill you for ditching us), and of course the legendary Mr. Tyson, for an adventure memory I’ll treasure for a lifetime.