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posted Oct 17, 2010, 12:09 PM by Paul Diming
Begin Rpt: 

Mission Launch: 10012010:16:30 
Mission Conclusion: 10032010:13:15 

RECON ALPHA reporting: 
LS Stewart S 
LS Stewart N 
LS Wheeler 
LS Coleman 
LS Martin 
SM Wheeler 
ASM Tyson 

Encountered flood stage conditions at target LZ. ALPHA team scouted out alternative higher ground, set up mission HQ. MP2 executed 10022010:09:30. Established meet at Merchants Millpond SP with Part staff. Confirmed Dismal SP meet was a no-go. Moved mission parameters to include Dismal Federal Refuge. Intel gathered on Federal Refuge, Dismal SP, and Merchants Millpond SP. 10222010 target camp site reviewed, boating gear checked, travel times and distances confirmed. Supporting theater resource availability logged. 

Key environmental change for successful main camp will be receding of flood waters. This will facilitate access to group camp area and Dismal SP. Alternative camp site would be Merchants Millpond family camp ground at higher occupancy fee rate and complications of logistics. Site monitoring will be reported as camp date approaches. 

Threat Assessment: 
Water safety priority high. General insect encounter low except for spiders. Amphibian encounter potential high. Advise training on interaction conduct specific to snakes, turtles, and largest alligator species in North America. Millpond inappropriate for swim test. Accidental immersion in Millpond ill-advised. Animal encounter likely. Alpha team sited raccoon and otter. High potential for black bear encounter or other North American mammal species. Standard precautions and training will be sufficient. General travel conduct and safety should be reinforced by Troop command during camp prep. 

Team Performance Review: 
Alpha Team overcame and adapted to successfully perform the mission. Moral remained high with excellent leadership and cooperation exhibited. Challenges encountered included flooding, road closures, trail and water access restrictions, supporting resource non-availability, and a total change in mission plans. Situation normal. Mission completed. 

Troop Command brief to be provided at Troop meeting 10062010:19:15 

End Rpt: