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RECON Top Gun/Banff

posted Feb 5, 2011, 8:59 AM by Paul Diming
RECON!  Men, we have most urgent business. 

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.  This year you must have a ticket to attend.  This event WILL sell out.  Information below is from the Chesterfield Parks and Recreation web site to purchase advance tickets for March 12.
So here’s the deal.  We have a TOP GUN event planned out at the Springs March 12, (weather permitting).  Game plan is to meet at the Springs Sat morning and set up the ranges where we’ll have a measured competition during the day on just who is the best at basically stabbing and shooting stuff.  Your performance will be documented and we’ll keep track of accumulated scorings.  We’ll see who our T2860 RECON TOP GUN is!!

We’ll need to leave the Springs for the festival at about 5:15pm to assure good seating at James River HS auditorium.  I urge you to please purchase advance tickets and don’t count on door purchasing.  

Cow burning (hamburgers) will begin about 4:00pm to assure we have time to eat, clean up, and vamoose to the HS.
If the weather is nice, I suggest some of us return to the Springs that night for a camp fire, snacks and camping overnight.  The overnight crew can then assist with tidying up the property on Sunday (and we’ll have a nice breakfast).

Yes, I know the films (different ones) are also being shown on Friday night, Feb 11.  We (T2860) have P2842 crossing over that night (I think we’re getting all of them) so I (we) can’t go to the Banff Festival that Friday night.    I’d like for you all to attend the Crossover but it’s your call.
Ticket cost <19yld $2, >18yld $5.  That’s for individual nights, Friday and Saturday.
A combination ticket may be purchased or both nights, <19 $3, > 18 $8.00 (but you won’t need that because you helping me with P2842 crossover right??)
The County identifies ticket purchases by “Course” #.  

Friday – 21493
Saturday – 21494
Both nights – 21495

Your orders:
Buy your advance ticket for Saturday, March 12
Plan on attending RECON Top Gun
Stay overnight if possible (fraps???)
It’ll be fun, ever more so when we can do this together.