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posted Oct 17, 2010, 12:09 PM by Paul Diming
Greetings Troop! I’m launching a high school age activity group within T2860 called “RECON”. I’ve cleared this with SPL Duncan and several of the older scouts reviewed the membership requirements and expectations today. 

As the name implies, this smaller expeditionary force is tasked with forward deployment to gather intelligence about locations to prepare for the main Troop visit. Some months we will do other activities not related to reconnaissance missions. 

There are specific equipment, skills, and attitude expectations to be in RECON. As noted, this is for high school age scouts. 

Our first deployment is in October 1/3, target location is Dismal Swamp. 

We have preliminary mission task assignments for the year; however, the deployment duties are very fluid. 

RECON members are expected to attend the larger Troop camps in addition to the RECON missions, providing leadership and in-theater intelligence. 

Here is the RECON preliminary schedule: 
  • October 2010 Recon Mission – Dismal Swamp 
  • December 2010 Recon Mission – BBQ Chow Down (non camp) 
  • January 2011 Recon Mission – Nauticus / Fort Story / First Landing (day trip or flop at my friends house in Glouster?) 
  • March 2011 Recon Mission – Springs Camp, Top Gun Contest Development 
  • April 2011 Recon Mission – High Bridge Bike Trail (all of it!) 
  • May 2011 Recon Mission – False Cape Beach Camp 
  • June 2011 Recon Mission – Old Rag hike or Smith Island Exploration 
  • July 2011 Recon Mission – Kayaking Williamsburg / Yorktown 
  • September 2011 Recon Mission – Island Camp, Mobjack Bay, Mathews County 

  • Some months are omitted as RECON is not deployed every month. 

High School age scouts who wish to be in RECON may contact me for the specific gear, skill, leadership, and attitude guidelines. It is expected that this age group of scouts will have conflicting activities that reduce their ability to attend RECON missions. A specific calendar will follow with detailed Troop dates so RECON members may plan your participation opportunities. 

Adults of high school age scouts who’d like to attend RECON missions are encouraged to contact me about mission details. 

Mark Wheeler