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  • T2860 RECON Punkin Chunkin Wrap-Up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, November 5, 2012) Greetings Scouts!  RECON is back from Punkin Chunkin and we had a lot of fun!  As a reminder, RECON Scouts visited the World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest near Bridgeville, Delaware ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:39 PM by Lonnie Rimmer
  • T2860 RECON Top Shot Wrap-Up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, October 8, 2012) Greetings Troop!  Thank you to the RECON Scouts who turned out for Top Shot!  What a great day we ended up having!! It didn’t start out so great.  Rain ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:34 PM by Lonnie Rimmer
  • T2860 RECON 2012 2013 Schedule (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Friday, August 17, 2012) Greetings Troop!  As most of you are aware, T2860 has a high school age Scout program called RECON!  This program seeks to encourage older scouts to stay active and involved ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:22 PM by Lonnie Rimmer
  • T2860 RECON 5_19_2012 Tractor Pull Wrap-up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, May 21, 2012) Greetings Scouts!  RECON had scheduled to attend the National Tractor Pulling Association (NTPA) Regional/National level competition at Pinetops NC last Saturday, May 19.  This pull is principally attended by ...
    Posted May 30, 2012, 11:01 AM by Lonnie Rimmer
  • T2860 RECON Caving Mission Report 04_30_12 (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, April 30, 2012) Greetings Troop!  RECON caving mission complete.  Mission report follows:   Background: RECON is T2860’s high school age scouting team.  Scouts must have begun high school as of September of their ...
    Posted May 15, 2012, 7:24 PM by Lonnie Rimmer
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T2860 RECON Punkin Chunkin Wrap-Up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, November 5, 2012)

posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:39 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Scouts!  RECON is back from Punkin Chunkin and we had a lot of fun!  As a reminder, RECON Scouts visited the World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest near Bridgeville, Delaware this weekend.  What a spectacle this was!  Let’s get right to the details of our adventure.

We launched our hearty team early Saturday morning for the five hour drive to the event site in Delaware.   The trip up was without incident.  Traffic signs along the local highways helped guide us along the final route as we traveled closer to the event location.  It’s kind of like a small State Fair in a giant cornfield.  There were lots of helpers to guide you to parking.  The field was muddy in places.  People got their cars stuck here and there but overall not too bad considering Sandy had just finished drenching the place.  If you don’t want to get dirty, don’t go Pumkin Chunkin.  This is a down to earth (literally) experience.  We set plans for staying in contact and with our buddies and into the world of flinging fruit we went.

The air cannons were taking their turns firing for score as we entered the grounds.  The experience of witnessing this in person is considerably different than on TV.  For one thing the cannons are LOUD!  The sense of distance that little fruit travels is jaw dropping.  There was a bit of a headwind on Saturday making for somewhat shorter shots, but impressive none-the-less.  You have to watch very carefully to keep your eye on the pumpkin as it leaves the barrel.  With a good shot, you eventually lose sight of it, probably around 2,500 feet distance.  The pressures and forces exceed the molecular cohesion for some fruit and they become affectionately known as pie as they leave the launching device.  Quality entertainment for sure.

Basically how this works is the teams arrive and get set up, located on the firing line more-or-less by category and divisions of adult and youth.  There is free fire when nobody is in the outfield and teams can test their machines.  That is called off and the shoot for score begins.  The scoring officials and measuring teams in the outfield work together making their way up the line permitting each team time to shoot.  The pumpkins shot for score are weighed and measured by scoring officials.  The machines must pass many safety protocols and the whole firing line is tightly controlled.  There are a lot of details that you can explore at the official site. including a listing of the many charities that benefit from funds raised through event proceeds.

Punkin Chunkin is first and foremost a party!  There were carnival rides, many food and merchandise vendors, and bands playing at a very nice stage.  Visitors brought campers that occupied much of the surrounding area around the shooting field.  Campers also pitched tents in designated areas braving the windy and cool conditions.  Parking was plentiful if not a bit challenging in places.  This is literally a corn field recently harvested with the remains of the corn stocks on the ground.  Every manner of ATV was in use everywhere with a large contingent of off-road equipment being used to facilitate event operations.  The crowd was very well behaved.  Security was provide by the State and local police and many volunteers were helping just about everywhere you looked.

The Science channel cameras were prevalent.  A long boom cameral rig with many filming crews worked up and down the firing line.  We Saw Keri Bryan and Grant Imahara from the Mythbuster cast.  In fact, Jared, Grayson, myself and Mr. Tyson were treated to a camera shot set up for Grant on Sunday as he ran along the fence line where we stood and did high-fives with us while the crowd cheered.  We were front and center for that right at the fence.  Pretty cool.  Grant hung around and visited with the crowd for quite a while right by us.

On Saturday as the afternoon was waning, we left the event and made our way to nearby Matinak State Park.  We had three little camper cabins rented for our overnight stay.  Being November in Delaware, we weren’t sure what conditions we’d be in so the cabins were selected for overnight accommodations.  This turned out as being a great decision.  Mr. Tyson treated us to an excellent meal, we had a nice campfire, and later we all crammed into one of the cabins and played aggravation until late into the night.  On Sunday morning we had an easy meal, packed up, and went back to the Chunk.  Entrance this day was much less crowded.  Basically a repeat of Saturday with all the teams shooting for score.

There were some surprises.  The Pumpkin Seed section was very cool.  Youth as young as four years old were involved in building and firing their machines in this section.  The tailgating was pretty amazing with devises for comfort being most inventive.  We saw Fat Jimmy, the Bad to the Bone crew, Big Ten Inch, and all the icons of Chunkin.  Most everyone in the crowd and the teams were decked out in well-worn working man clothing, typically Carhartt and Schmidt gear.  If you don’t know those clothing brands, don’t own any of it, or have never entered a Tractor Supply, you probably wouldn’t fit in with the Chunkin crowd very well.   Being a farm kid myself, I was right at home!!

We finally had our fill of Chunkin about 3:00pm Sunday afternoon and regrouped at the truck.  After a robust but friendly marsh mellow and corn cob fight, we loaded up and headed for home.  We stopped for a meal halfway home, arriving at Woodlake about 10:00pm. 

Thank you:
Mr. Tyson – Another adventure down!  Thank you very much for the meal and friendship as always.  This was a pretty amazing adventure and we couldn’t have done it without you!  I think a new obsession may have been born!

Eagle Scout Jared – Thank you Jared for going with us and helping with the guys!

Grayson, Zach, Tom, Walter, Kyle, Oliver, Alex…you are a great RECON crew! 

The RECON crew is very much looking forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing our experience about Chunkin to the Troop and how we might generate good Scouting around this extremely popular and fun activity.

Mark Wheeler

T2860 RECON Top Shot Wrap-Up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, October 8, 2012)

posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:34 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Troop!  Thank you to the RECON Scouts who turned out for Top Shot!  What a great day we ended up having!!

It didn’t start out so great.  Rain during setup was kind of a bummer, but soon after the stations were up and running, the rain eased up and stopped altogether by mid morning.  From then on it was cool and great scouting weather.  Stations for Top Shot this year were:

- Hawk and Knife
- Golf Ball Knock Out challenge
- 3 Gun Action Target (reactive targets and timed events) consisting of 3 stages
  - action pistol
  - paintball destruction
  - zombie apocalypse
  (firearms were not used in the 3 gun competition)
- Archery
- Three Position Rifle, Standing, Kneeling and Prone

We had a record 13 participants for Top Shot this year.  There was a high emphasis on marksmanship, skill, fair play, and use of the buddy system to work as a team while competing against each other and safety.  BSA safety rules were strictly followed.

The day began with a thorough safety brief that continued with each station manager carefully going over individual station safety rules, equipment operation, and scoring responsibilities.  Each station was managed by an adult and assured that the stations were operated in a fun and safe manner.  The Scouts rotated among the stations on an informal as-you-get-done schedule.  RECON operates considerably differently than typical scouting events.  The older scouts are very mature and responsible making the overall operation easy for the adults helping.

By lunch the weather warmed up and we had settled in and were having a lot of fun.  A tasty lunch and a break were welcome.  Hot cider and hot chocolate, with some extremely well received coffee from Mr. Tyson’s coffee pot; all hit the spot on a cool fall day.

It takes a team to pull off an event like this, but there is no doubt that our Team Captain is ASM Mr. McNeil.  Mr. McNeil has invested extensive time and energy to obtain the necessary training and credentials to be a NRA/BSA youth rifle range instructor.  He also willingly permits use of his personal equipment.  When combined with the Troop’s gear, our available equipment is extensive.  Even with the small number of Scouts and a day long event, the scouts were occupied fully to get through all the stations.  While waiting their turn for a station, scouts returned to their favorite and repeated as many times as time permitted.  And you know you just can’t throw those hawks and knives enough times!!

Yes, we have a new TOP SHOT!  He will be announced at the meeting on Tuesday.  And I’d like to say that being quick and accurate is an understatement when it comes to this year’s TOP SHOT!  Zombies beware!!  You do not want this young man on your blood trail!

The Scores were very tight with only a few points separating the entire field.  T2860 can be proud of our RECON program and participants on a number of levels including their outdoor skills.

The TOP SHOT RECON event furthers our T2860 RECON goal of making the final years of older youth scouting great-scouting years rather than fade-out years as so often happens with our older scouts.  From having formed this program and mentored it, I can not begin to express how much fun and joy it continues to be to work with the older scouts of our Troop.  They truly are the Best There Is!

Speaking of some of the best…we have some awesome adults to thank!

Mr. McNeil – WOW!  You set the bar for safety, professionalism, and fun.  We can not thank you enough times for all the hard work, your leadership, and patient mentorship for the Scouts.  Thank you so much Monty!

Mr. Tyson – Still moving and drying our gear this week.  Thank you Brandon for all your help and your friendship. 

Mr. Gould – Thank you David for helping and spending the day with us!  Still the hardest working guy I know!

Mr. Damon – Thank you so much Mitch for teaching archery and bringing your helper Steel to spend the day with us.

Mr. Martin…no not you Kris…I’m thanking ASM and Eagle Scout Mr. Jared Martin!  Jared, your help and involvement means the world to me personally and to the Scouts.  Thank you so much for your help and support of your Troop.

Mr. Downing – Thank you Daryl for your steadfast support of the Troop and the program.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Steel – Thank you for helping Mitch and for your level of maturity while being at a RECON event.  We can’t wait until you become RECON eligible! 

Alex – Truly the best RECON mascot ever!   Even if we’ve only had one.  You’re a good guy Alex.  Thank you for participating and dragging your dad along!

And of course a huge Thank you to the Coakley’s for without their support and sharing of their land we could not have an event like this.  Those with the least seem to always give the most.  I don’t think we can ever truly thank the Coakley family enough for how their generosity has affected the lives of our sons and the Troop.

Mark Wheeler

T2860 RECON 2012 2013 Schedule (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Friday, August 17, 2012)

posted Dec 9, 2012, 4:22 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Troop!  As most of you are aware, T2860 has a high school age Scout program called RECON!  This program seeks to encourage older scouts to stay active and involved in their Troop and foster a life long love of Scouting.  Some Troops have a Venture Crew, we have RECON!

Scouts are permitted to participate in the T2860 RECON program the day they enter High School in September or become of HS age. 

RECON members recently held their annual planning conference selecting the next year’s events and schedule.  Attached is a pps file depicting some of the areas and events we’re looking at attending.  As per our name, some events selected are likely to lead to the Troop attending in following years.  RECON will bring home a great deal of information about new areas for the Troop.  Other events are targeted at providing time for friendships and fellowship, something that slips away from all of us as we get older and our lives become busier and complicated as high school age scouts soon find out.  Our goal is for T2860 Scouts to always be Scouts and help the program continue long into the future. 

Here are the Events and Schedule:

Sept 30th - Orioles Game
Oct 07th - Top Shot
Nov 02/03/04 - Pumkin Chunkin
Dec 15 - BBQ Chowdown
Jan 19 - Bowling
Feb off
Mar 8/9 - Banff Film Festival
Apr 27/28 - Water Event
May 4 - 50 miler - ( Colonial Parkway ride)
Jun off
Jul 6-13 - Ohiopyle RECON EXTRAVAGANZA1 “REI”…the legend begins
See you on the Trail!

Mark Wheeler

T2860 RECON 5_19_2012 Tractor Pull Wrap-up (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, May 21, 2012)

posted May 30, 2012, 11:01 AM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Scouts!  RECON had scheduled to attend the National Tractor Pulling Association (NTPA) Regional/National level competition at Pinetops NC last Saturday, May 19.  This pull is principally attended by competitors from the Mid-South Pullers Association and the hosting Carolina’s Pulling Association.  Several competitors were professional teams pulling at NTPA National level events throughout the USA and Canada. 

If you like tractor pulls or are somewhat of a gear-head, then this report is for you.  If not, no worries, there’s always the delete key!

Pinetops NC hosts the longest continuously running tractor pull event in the Nation at 36 years and going strong.  The event is conducted by the local volunteer fire department who receive all proceeds.  Also, all NTPA helpers are volunteers.  There are no paid employees within the NTPA. 

With all the overlapping events last weekend, only Mr. Martin, Jared and myself ended up attending the pull.  RECON guys not attending missed a great event!

We arrived at Wilson NC as planned and were pleasantly surprised to see that our chosen campground had been significantly spruced up by the new owners.  There was even a new baby donkey, only three weeks old, to check out. 

Equipped with our tailgating supplies, we arrived at Pinetops NC, set up our chairs about 6:00pm, and proceeded to get settled in.  The pull started at 7:00pm and ran until 1:00am Sun morning.  The prior night they pulled until 2:45am.  This is a significant event.  The seating grand stands are designed to accommodate 4,000 and they were packed full in addition to every possible standing position around the track being occupied.  The night air temperature grew cooler (that makes more horse power) and the track got better and better. 

Without a doubt, team GALOT stole the show!  GALOT stands for “Get a Load of This” and believe me they put on a show with their amazing super stock machine.  This class of competition must run a stock engine block, however, all other features of the tractor may be altered.  The original engine was designed to produce about 100 horse power.  Typically, this class of tractor is modified to produce over 3,000 horse power. 

Words, pictures, and even video cannot possible convey the ground shaking extreme mechanics that thunder down the track.  Team GALOT and one other competitor were in the pull-off after the many other tractors in the class had finished. 

Basically what had happened was GALOT and the other team had pulled completely out of the 300 foot track nearly to the barriers at the track end.  The pulling skid was modified with extra weight and many weights moved around to make the skid harder to pull in hopes of stopping these machines prior to the 300 foot mark.  It didn’t work out that way for GALOT.  They hooked up and pulled 364 feet, nearly 10 feet further than their prior pull!!  In fact, the driver shut the machine down so he wouldn’t pull into the cement barriers at the end of the track!!  This was the same skid set-up that was easily stopping all the other tractors in this class prior to 300 feet.  Just amazing.  The other team in the pull-off could not return as they had mechanical troubles.  GALOT won that class with style!

There were many other truck and tractor classes that pulled with numerous competitors.  All were very entertaining making the evening pass all too quickly. 

After the pull ended we returned to our overnight (morning) accommodations for a much needed snooze.  A quick Sunday morning breakfast and easy drive home saw an end to our outing. 

We’re looking forward to next year!


Mark Wheeler

T2860 RECON Caving Mission Report 04_30_12 (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Monday, April 30, 2012)

posted May 15, 2012, 7:24 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Greetings Troop!  RECON caving mission complete.  Mission report follows:



RECON is T2860’s high school age scouting team.  Scouts must have begun high school as of September of their freshman year, or be of high school age, to be permitted to participate in T2860 RECON.  The exception is our “mascot”, currently Alex (gnomy).  Alex serves as the younger scout’s eyes and ears so he may recount RECON adventures in his own words to his peers.  The Troop has tried many versions of an older scout program with limited success.  RECON is our current effort and has been very successful.  All BSA rules and safe scouting guidelines are adhered to.  BSA Venture guidelines are utilized as a baseline for age specific permitted scouting activities. 


RECON formulates their major event schedule following the Troop’s annual planning conference (APC) in August of each year.  The RECON schedule is folded around the Troop’s schedule as best possible.  The expectation is that RECON age scouts will faithfully participate in Troop camps with the additional opportunity to enjoy Scouting with their peer group.  Food, fun, friendships, challenges and adventure form the baseline of the RECON activity selections.  New scouting activities are highly sought for RECON events (hence the name).  The overall goal of RECON is to encourage our older scouts to remain engaged in scouting.


RECON 2011/2012 events are, Oct – Top Shot, Nov – Pumkin Chunkin (cancelled), Dec – 2011 Participant Chow Down, Jan –bowling, Mar – False-Cape, April – Caving, May – Tractor Pull, Aug – Smith River Festival.


April Caving Report:


Several options for a caving adventure were researched but we finally settled on returning to the original T2860 EXTRAVAGANZA base camp location at Greenbrier State Forest, WV, near Organ Cave.  The Organ Cave waterfall tour was selected as our main adventure.  This wasn’t your baby stroller flip flop walking tour!  RECON Scouts donned mining helmets equipped with powerful headlamps, strapped on knee pads, and were required to have sturdy boots, long pants, at least two layers of shirts, gloves, and a determined attitude because this was going to be a challenge! 


Organ cave has 71 miles of mapped routes with much of the cave remaining uncharted.  The cave is the 22nd largest in the world.  We encountered a private caving team who had traveled over 12 miles underground when we visited with them during our journey.  Getting misplaced (no one gets lost) is a distinct possibility in this massive cave.  General Robert E Lee had 1,100 soldiers engaged in mining saltpeter within the cave for gun powder production at one point during the Civil War.  There are accounts of the Northern Army camping directly above the undetected Southern soldiers who were toiling hundreds of feet beneath them.  RECON Scouts learned many historical facts about the cave and enjoyed examining the many formations and water features.


Our tour compliment consisted of Grayson, Alex, Zachary, Jared, Mr. Tyson, and Mr. Wheeler along with two other men and our tour guide.  We crawled, slid, climbed, squeezed, pulled, and even sometimes walked, but we were consistently absolutely amazed by this fascinating natural treasure for almost five hours while underground.  We encountered underground waterfalls both small and large along with many spectacular formations.  Interestingly, a nasty thunderstorm rolled over us above ground but we were completely unaware of it.  Underground is a different world.  We quickly understood the compelling motivation of why cavers seek out underground adventures.  Each crack and crevice that you could squeeze through offered the possibility of discovering a hidden treasure at the other end.  Also of interest was that our very experienced and knowledgeable tour guide was admittedly claustrophobic!  Not a trait you would expect in a caving tour guide!  His fear level, however, was at an extreme threshold that we thankfully did not test. 


When we finally emerged from the cave into the sunlight we were exhausted, covered in cave mud and dirt, but exhilarated by the experience.  Mr. Martin brought us lunch that we happily munched at the cave entrance grounds.  Scouts voted to hold our evening meal at the cabins we had rented for our overnight accommodations.  Food is a serious subject matter with RECON Scouts!! 


We cleaned up, enjoyed a wonderful evening meal together, and then the game began! 


Grayson brought his newly constructed aggravation marbles game board with specially selected marbles and custom designed card deck.  This game seems benign enough until the “aggravation” begins.  I must say, I took exceptional pleasure in repeatedly sending Alex’s little blue marble back to home.  It took all four Scouts, having practiced amongst themselves with several games, to finally beat the three adults.  Our cozy little cabin with it’s warm fireplace was filled with Scouting friendships and many laughs late into the night.  These are the memories you carry with you always. 


Sunday was pack-up and breakfast at Granny’s, a local diner.  A beautiful travel day saw our little band of hearty scouts to home.  The adventure over with all too soon.


Thank you Grayson, Alex, Zachary, and Jared for giving us old guys an excuse to be young at heart again!  We couldn’t have asked for a better group to enjoy this experience with.  And thank you Kris and Brandon for your friendship and fellowship.  Together through the Scouting program we will work to raise boys to be men, and have some fun along the way!



Mark Wheeler

RECON Caving Camp (Sent by Mr. Tyson on Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

posted May 15, 2012, 7:20 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

Calling all RECON eligible scouts,
Recon is about to embark on its biggest mission to date.  April 27-29 we will be exploring Organ Cave which is a national historic landmark. We are camping at Greenbrier State Forest in cabins with beds,sheets, kitchens and did I mention the hot showers. There was also talk of Mr. Martin making a cobbler!
The cost for this trip is going to be about $50 per person. More info will be provided on the gear that will be needed at a later date.
We will be leaving on Fri Apr. 27 around 5 pm and arriving at the cabins about 10 pm. We will leave for the cave about 9:30 am for a 10 am start to the tour which is about 4 hours, we will be doing the combination waterfall tour. I will have the description of the tour at Wednesdays meeting. We will return sometime in the afternoon on Sunday (scout is rigidly flexible). If you want to attend this awesome trip you need to sign up at the next meeting. The cave must have the final number for the tour by the end of the week.
If you have not been on a Recon Mission now is the time to go and see it for your self. We welcome other Recon eligible Adults as well.
ASM Brandon Tyson

T2860 RECON False Cape Mission Report (Sent by Mr. Wheeler on Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

posted May 15, 2012, 7:13 PM by Lonnie Rimmer

RECON!  It worked!  Riding the bikes down the beach worked!  In fact it worked so well that Jeremy went bonkers and rode into North Carolina before stopping!!!!! 

We got a break from the weather, found our way down to the wildlife refuge, unloaded the bikes and set off on our beach riding experiment.  It was awesome!!!  It was one of those “you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face” rides.

About six miles of beach riding later, we entered the State Park mostly as planned and revisited the prior camp site.  We even found Mr. Snakie and got a picture of him.  I guess he didn’t hold a grudge because he didn’t seem perturbed to see me.  I did keep my distance though.  The bikes gave us fantastic mobility.  We saw just about everything we wanted to check out in the State Park and then headed back up the beach.  By this time in the afternoon it was starting to rain.  So what does T2860 RECON do when getting wet…get wetter!!!  A challenge was laid down to see who could ride the furthest out into the ocean.  I think Grayson won.  He was way out there.  We have pictures, some are on our Troop site.  Does a bike count as a PFD?

The tide was just past low on our way back up the beach giving us a large area to bike on.  By the time we returned to the vehicles we were thoroughly wet and sandy.  We brushed ourselves off, loaded up, and ventured off to find eats.

Mr. Tyson scored again with finding a wonderful homey little place serving really yummy food.  All you can eat crab legs takes a while to consume.  Who know Geordon was such a carnivore.  Shrimp shells were sent flying and crab legs were munched down!  Jeremy ate like a whole cow of ribs.  Everyone had maximum plenty.  Then we ordered dessert.  RECON RULES!!

Gluttony served, we were still about 3 hours travel time from home.  Once Mr. Tyson got a grip on the exit route, we zoomed through VA Beach, back up 460, etc…, etc…, and home we arrived about midnight.  Thank you very much parents for putting up with the late hour of our return.

Grayson and I returned bikes to owners on Sunday.  We washed our bikes off and I used the leaf blower to blast the water off them.  I then used like a can of WD40 on the chain and anything that moved basically to try and keep the bike running.  I finished with white lithium grease lubricant on all the critical parts as Mr. McNeil suggested.  I think the bikes will roll for another day despite the abuse we gave them.

This was another totally fun RECON filled with adventure, challenges, and some pretty awesome vittles.  Fun and adventure with your friends…Scouting just doesn’t get better that this!!

Thank you Grayson, Geordon, Alec, Alex, Jeremy(after I kill you for ditching us), and of course the legendary Mr. Tyson, for an adventure memory I’ll treasure for a lifetime.



RECON Top Gun!

posted Mar 2, 2011, 3:42 AM by Paul Diming

RECON!  We’ve got business. 


  1. I need you to please plan on attending the P2842 crossover on March 11, Swift Creek Baptist Church, probably about 6:30pm.  I think we’re getting almost all of P2842 crossovers again this year.  This is a big night for the new scouts and for our Troop!  Please be there.  I’m counting on your leadership. 


  1. March 12, RECON Top Gun at the Springs.  ASM Mr. McNeil has some seriously cool things planned for us.  We will see who the most dangerous scout is…time line details to follow.  Sniper Rifle Challenge, Shogun, Knife Kill, Hawk Stick, Archery, Air Rifle Squirrel Terror, and if you’re good little boys, Pistol…yes competition level semi-auto pistol challenge.  I told you it’d be cool.


  1. BANFF the evening of March 12.  If you don’t get tickets bought ahead of time, then please plan on having your parent drive you in case it’s sold out.  We’ll leave the Springs for James River HS about 5:15pm on the 12th.  I’ve previewed the film clips for this year.  This is going to be awesome.


  1. Camping the night of March 12 at the Springs…maybe.  We’ll see what the weather is like.  I’d like to but it’s your call.  If it’s rainy or wet out there then probably not.  We won’t get out of Banff until 9:30pm, home by 10:15pm or so.  We’ll see.  I’ll need a clean up crew on Sunday.


  1. RECON shirts.  I have a bunch of various sizes that I’ll be bringing to the meetings.  You must attend a RECON event to buy a shirt.  Top Gun qualifies as a RECON shirt event.  $20. each


That’s all for now.  More details will be issued soon.




RECON Top Gun/Banff

posted Feb 5, 2011, 8:59 AM by Paul Diming

RECON!  Men, we have most urgent business. 

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.  This year you must have a ticket to attend.  This event WILL sell out.  Information below is from the Chesterfield Parks and Recreation web site to purchase advance tickets for March 12.
So here’s the deal.  We have a TOP GUN event planned out at the Springs March 12, (weather permitting).  Game plan is to meet at the Springs Sat morning and set up the ranges where we’ll have a measured competition during the day on just who is the best at basically stabbing and shooting stuff.  Your performance will be documented and we’ll keep track of accumulated scorings.  We’ll see who our T2860 RECON TOP GUN is!!

We’ll need to leave the Springs for the festival at about 5:15pm to assure good seating at James River HS auditorium.  I urge you to please purchase advance tickets and don’t count on door purchasing.  

Cow burning (hamburgers) will begin about 4:00pm to assure we have time to eat, clean up, and vamoose to the HS.
If the weather is nice, I suggest some of us return to the Springs that night for a camp fire, snacks and camping overnight.  The overnight crew can then assist with tidying up the property on Sunday (and we’ll have a nice breakfast).

Yes, I know the films (different ones) are also being shown on Friday night, Feb 11.  We (T2860) have P2842 crossing over that night (I think we’re getting all of them) so I (we) can’t go to the Banff Festival that Friday night.    I’d like for you all to attend the Crossover but it’s your call.
Ticket cost <19yld $2, >18yld $5.  That’s for individual nights, Friday and Saturday.
A combination ticket may be purchased or both nights, <19 $3, > 18 $8.00 (but you won’t need that because you helping me with P2842 crossover right??)
The County identifies ticket purchases by “Course” #.  

Friday – 21493
Saturday – 21494
Both nights – 21495

Your orders:
Buy your advance ticket for Saturday, March 12
Plan on attending RECON Top Gun
Stay overnight if possible (fraps???)
It’ll be fun, ever more so when we can do this together.



posted Dec 11, 2010, 2:03 AM by Paul Diming

T2860 RECON 2010MB/2011MA ORDERS:

Transmission Begin:
Command Orders Authenticated (UNCLASSIFIED)
Report LZ – USA EST 12:18:2010:18:30 N37° 21.6068', W077° 29.9425'
EQP – USD NTE $20.00 (full rack $17.99)
Night-ops prep
RECONM - Authorized
Civilian Add:
Brocks Bar-B-Que
11310 Iron Bridge Rd
Chester 23831
Contact ASM Tyson or SM Wheeler for transport.
Confirm duty report intent to SM Wheeler
Mission Orders:
Develop esprit de corps.  

Command Orders Authenticated (UNCLASSIFIED)
Insertion - 01:14:2011, N37° 24.3074', W077° 40.9127' .5 click East
Extraction - 01:16:2011, N37° 24.3074', W077° 40.9127' .5 click East
Billet – Military Barracks, Fort Eustis, VA USA
EQP – STD field duty gear, USD NTE $30.00
RECONM - Authorized
Theater LZ - N37° 10.5494', W076° 32.8596'
Contact ASM Tyson or SM Wheeler for transport
Confirm duty report intent to SM Wheeler
Mission Orders:
RECON military reservation and surrounding civilian attractions, establish supply resource viability, set navigation markers, threat assessment, prep Troop Command rpt.
Standby for insertion/extraction times/documentation.
Transmission End:

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